Alpha and Godson Limited                     
                       Alpha and Godson Limited
                           Alpha and Godson Limited 

Welcome to ALPHA & GODSON's place on the web.

We offer high quality and customized engineering services to clients in the most economical way. Services rendered by our company are:

  • Equipment Pre-mob & Inspection
  • Heavy Equipment Maintenance and refurbishment
  • Statutory Inspection
  • Certification of Lifting and Ancillary Equipment
  • Safety
  • Environmental Services (Waste Collection and treatment)
  • Dealers in Oil and Gas Services
  • Training and Consultancy
Our technical consultancy team use their wealth of knowledge and expertise to develop and assist client in various sectors. They are qualified and experienced at implementing improvements in our various fields of endeavor.
ALPHA & GODSON NIGERIA LIMITED (RC 700,655) was incorporated with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) of Nigeria in 2007.